Yinma Fastening technology co.,LTD was founded in 1992.is located in Jieyang City,Jiedong Province,Guangdong District,Tin Town,Tan Wang Gongye area,4 kilometers from the tin field at high speed.
  Yinma Fastening technology co.,LTD is a large professional screw manufacturer.Development so far,the company has a staff ofmore than 150.plant area of more than 10000 square meters,annual output reached more than 8000 tons,thematching machinery plant is drawing machine,nail making machines from Taiwan,Taiwan screw machine,heattreatment furnace continuous,and in the German electroplating park investment more than 2000 square meters ofelectroplating workshop and automatic production lines for electroplating factory matching and processing.
  The company was oniginally the main production:steel nails,nal steel nail,expansion screws,screw and a seriesof products The introduction of domestic and foreign advanced production equipment and management mode,production mode Inrecent years.the companys transformation to the screw seres drywall screw.fiber screws,drlling screws,fast screw etc all kinds of screws senes of products.To provide more qualty products for our customers
  Yinma Fastening technology co.,LTD the advantages of prolessional hardware technology in more than 20 years of develop-ment,and constantly open up new products,a high degree of recognition and support of the new and old CUS-tomers and market Company for many years to cultivate a group of management and professional andtechnical personnel.and ensure the company the normal and fficient operation,with excellent quality,timelydelivery.obtains the customer's trust.we the spirit of"quality first.the credibility of the firstr principle,with pref-erental price,relable quality,sincerely for you to provide quality.fficient service.

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